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The Boost You Need.

Staying at the top of your game means regularly upgrading skills and assessing performance. I have a deep understanding of how legal organizations work and understand first-hand the demands and challenges of this profession. Consulting services and workshops offer targeted training solutions to bolster skills and meet objectives.

Consulting and Workshops

Consulting services deliver powerful skills then build, reinforce and guide effective behaviour for boosting performance and unlocking potential.

Interactive workshops include:
  • Unconscious Bias in Law
    This program contains 1.5 Professionalism hours
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style and the Styles of Others
    This program contains 1.5 Professionalism hours
  • Strengthening the Mentor Relationship: The View from Both Sides
    This program contains 1.0 Professionalism hour
  • Interview Skills
  • Networking
  • Business Etiquette

Individual Strategies include:
  • Behavioural style assessments
  • Confidential partner, associate and student surveys
  • Exit interview prep
  • New parent support programs

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